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How Safety Meetings Can Lower Your Insurance Costs

If you’ve been a builder for more than a few years you’ve been through a lot. When the housing bubble burst; you survived. Now that the market is better and your business is growing, you’re starting to realize the rewards of surviving. There are still plenty of challenges and one of them is to find […]

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Waiting For The Millennials? They’re Here!

Source: Readers of news articles about the housing industry have been inundated for a while with stories about Millennials and their desire to live in the city. Headlines such as “Millennials Prefer Cities to Suburbs, Subways to Driveways” and “The New American Dream Is Living in a City, Not Owning a House in the […]

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How To Securely Upload Important Documents

By now we all know it’s not a good idea to post sensitive information on social networking sites or blast private data through cyber space without taking the proper precautions. The last thing you want is for private information to be compromised when bouncing from server to server. Keeping yourself secure from theft and vulnerability […]

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Put Cash Back in Your Pocket with the Incentive Program

Who doesn’t love a perk that allows you to reap the rewards of something that you already do… provide quality construction and outstanding customer satisfaction. That’s right, cash in on YOUR excellent customer service by joining the Incentive Program! Joining the Incentive Program is the best way for our Members to maximize their dollars plus […]

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International Builders Show Beams with Opportunity

In just a few short weeks, the 2017 International Builders Show (IBS) will be held in the warm Florida sunshine and you don’t want to miss out. IBS is the largest annual light construction show in the world attracting almost 60,000 visitors. With over 5000,000 net square feet of exhibits and 1400+ manufacturers and suppliers, […]

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Coming Soon! Another New Website for the RWC Home Warranty Family!

New home warranty websites were launched for Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) and HOME of Texas (HOME) in 2014.  Next up is a revamped site for the 3rd member of this builders home warranty family, MHWC which specializes in new home warranties for the HUD-Code Manufactured Home Industry.  This site will have a totally new, [...]

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