Manufactured home which includes a 10 year manufactured homes warranty.

Program Appeal & Unique Options

Experience, strength, credibility and protection are just some of the reasons why MHWC is your best option for new home warranties. We have what your business needs.

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Warranty Products

MHWC Membership is an excellent marketing tool and enhances your reputation. Provide your builder/dealers and their buyers with a comfort level unsurpassed in the industry and effectively manage your own risk in the process!

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MHWC Membership is an excellent marketing tool & enhances your reputation. Provide your customers with a comfort level unsurpassed in the industry, give them one more reason to purchase from you & effectively manage your own risk!

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I have been a satisfied member of MHWC & RWC since 1998.  I sell affordable housing & often use government loans. It is virtually impossible to sell mfrd housing without a 10 year warranty. I could have never sold the amount of homes that I have closed without membership to MHWC & RWC.

Jay S., MHWC Builder Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

I neglected to enroll a home and I’m closing today. What can I do to get a warranty in time for closing?

Simply call the Enrollments Dept. at 800-247-1812 and we can get you another copy.

I misplaced my warranty documents for a home I enrolled. What do I do?

Help is a phone call away! Call the Enrollments Dept. at 800-247-1812.

How do I verify that all my homes are properly enrolled?

Enrollment reports are available upon request from the Enrollments Dept. Also, MHWC issues monthly ‘aging reports’ on homes that have been enrolled for 6 months or but never finalized.

I need a HUD Acceptance Letter for a Lender. What do I do?

HUD Acceptance Letters for FHA/VA closings are available upon request. Call the Enrollments Dept. at 800-247-1812.

MHWC – An Innovator in the HUD-Code Industry

MHWC is a leading provider of third-party, insured HUD-Code (manufactured) home warranties throughout the US. In business since 1989, MHWC, together with its national affiliate Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), has warranted over 3.7 million homes.

Builders and Manufacturers of HUD-Code homes looking for options in coverage, for reliable warranty protection, and for assistance in dealing with complex customer service issues choose MHWC and its Menu of Choices for solutions. Available programs include warranties for new HUD-code homes, remodeling projects, additions, building systems, and detached garages. MHWC is known as an “Innovative Leader” and is considered an expert in the field of risk management.

Warranties issued by MHWC are insured by a company which has over $130 million in surplus equity (as of December 31, 2021) and is rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best. When you become a Member in one of the companies in the MHWC “Family”, you benefit from decades of experience that is unsurpassed in the warranty industry.

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