Either complete our application online or use our editable PDF format (complete on your computer & then print to sign) & send to us. (Form #2507)


  • Membership Agreement: print and sign the agreement (form #92500). If you are set up as a Sole Proprietorship & are married, your spouse must also sign.

Registration Fee
Reduced registration fee of $150 until Sept. 30, 2022. Mail check or call to pay by credit card.

Homes in Inventory
Complete the editable Grandfather Form if you have any unoccupied HUD-Code manufactured homes to enroll. List all homes to close within 30 days that are to receive a warranty. (This form does not apply to Manufacturers.) (Form #942E)

PLEASE NOTE: ALL homes that need a warranty must be listed on this Grandfather Form. Additional homes to be grandfathered MAY NOT be added after membership is approved.

Incentive Program
If you will enroll at least 20 homes or $2 million in sales volume over the next 12 months making your company eligible for the Incentive Program & you wish to join, print & sign the Incentive Agreement. Include the applicable program participation fee. (Form #2501)

MHWC looks for experienced builders who have completed 10 structural homes or projects in the last 2-5 years. If you do not have that level of experience, please contact your account executive.

Sending Your Application
If submitting your application online, you will receive information regarding any additional documentation needed. This additional documentation may be uploaded securely online to us via our secure file upload portal.

If submitting your application by mail, send the complete application package including fees and financial information to our corporate office:

Attention: Membership Department
5300 Derry Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111


Call 800-247-1812 or email
To send confidential information to us, use our Secure File Upload Portal

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