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New Home Warranties
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Why a New Home Warranty Matters

A new home purchase is a big deal and you’ll want assurance that your new home will stand the test of time. Do you ever wonder “WHAT IF...” about the things you can’t see, like the rafters, beams, or mechanical systems? No worries - a MHWC warranty can protect all of those things. 

Whether you want to learn more about what a home warranty is all about, have specific questions about your coverage, or if your home is experiencing issues, we’re glad to help.

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How Can a New Home Warranty Help YOU


Craftsmen pride themselves with quality, efficiency and skill, but from time to time construction defects do happen in spite of best efforts. These types of defects usually are not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy and will be repaired in accordance with the procedures in your warranty book rather than you personally. 

Additionally, if your manufacturer or builder falls short financially for reasons beyond their control and goes out of business or files for bankruptcy, MHWC’s insurer will step in to cover the obligations. Regardless of what the future may hold for your manufacturer or builder, the warranty marches on.

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Expert Second Opinion

Despite the written warranty, sometimes manufacturers or builders and their homeowners don’t always see eye-to-eye. If an impasse should emerge between you and your manufacturer or builder regarding whether or not something should be considered a defect, the warranty can be a valuable ‘measuring stick’ for evaluating the issues. 

The homeowner, manufacturer/builder, and warranty company all have clearly defined responsibilities which are outlined in the book provided for your home. MHWC’s dispute resolution process even includes free mediation between the parties. (If needed, formal binding arbitration is also available.)

Resale Value

Decided to move? No problem. If you sell your home within the duration of the warranty period, the balance of the warranty transfers to the next homeowner. Even better, you don’t have to do a thing. No paperwork to fill out, no phone calls to make. The transfer is automatic. A warranty is an excellent selling tool when your home is on the market. It gives your house the upper hand over other homes for sale in your neighborhood.

Seasonal Maintenance Checklists

These guides help you stay on top of maintenance tasks so you get the most out of your home and its warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about my warranty documents or would like to request duplicate copies. What’s my next step?

Call 800-247-1812 and ask for our Member Services Dept. or email membership@mhwconline.com. You can verify coverage, request duplicate copies of your homes’ warranty documents. For duplicate warranty books, there is a small charge based on the format requested (paper copy or PDF).

I noticed that information is wrong on my warranty documents. How do I get this corrected?

Call 800-247-1812 and ask for our Member Services Dept. or email membership@mhwconline.com with the correct information.

What is the process to transfer my warranty?

The MHWC Limited Warranties automatically transfer to each successive buyer throughout the warranty period. There are no forms to complete or fees to pay. In the case of foreclosures however, warranties may be voided.

What exactly is covered under my warranty?

MHWC offers different programs for Manufacturers and for Builder/Dealers of HUD-Code homes. So what’s covered depends on which warranty was issued. Refer to the warranty book you received with your home for warranty terms and exact coverage.

If an issue arises with my home, how do I start the warranty claims process?

Review your warranty book for the specific procedures to take to address a potential defect. MHWC must receive written documentation from you (refer to Requesting Warranty Performance in your warranty book). Notice can be sent by mail to the Administrator’s address or by email to warranty.resolution@mhwconline.com. For convenience, you may also use our online form. Neither telephone requests nor fax requests are accepted. Among the things you will need to provide are:
  • Validation (or Enrollment) Number and Effective Date of Warranty;
  • Your Builder’s name and address;
  • Your name, address, email address and telephone number (including home, cell and work numbers);
  • A reasonably specific description of the Defect(s), (including the date on which the Defect was discovered);
  • A copy of any written notice to your Builder;
  • Photographs, if they would be helpful in describing the Defect; and
  • A copy of each and every report you have obtained from any inspector or engineer.

What's Involved in resolving a claim?

Mediation. Often, the root of a dispute is a lack of communication between the Builder/Dealer or the Manufacturer and the Homeowner. Mediation is the step MHWC takes to try to improve communication, get everyone talking and try to work out a resolution based on the warranty standards provided. It’s an informal step prior to arbitration that involves all relevant parties to the warranty and is provided at no charge by MHWC.

Arbitration. If MHWC is unable to get the issue resolved between the parties, then the next step is arbitration, a formal process conducted by an independent, neutral arbitrator to resolve disputes. Arbitrators used by MHWC are experienced in arbitrating residential construction matters. The arbitrator’s decision under our programs is binding on all parties, including you as well as your Builder/Dealer and/or Manufacturer as applicable, unless otherwise prohibited by law. The fee for arbitration is paid according to the terms outlined in your warranty book.


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