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New Home Warranties
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Buyers & Sellers

Purchasing a home is often one of the biggest decisions a person will make. It is exciting to seek out that perfect house, but it can also be stressful. Homebuyers often wonder “what if” something breaks down and how will I afford to fix or replace it?

That’s where the Key Estates Warranty comes in. An extended warranty is peace of mind and financial protection should an unexpected breakdown occur after you move in. Without a warranty, replacing or repairing major systems, appliances, or even structural problems can drain your savings account.

Why Use a Warranty from Key Estates?

Benefits Both Buyers & Sellers

As a seller, an extended warranty will make your home stand out in the market. This ‘added bonus’ means increased value, more interest from buyers, and maybe even multiple offers. 

Buyers also benefit because the warranty provides a buffer for their wallet should something breakdown after they move in. Coverage today could save hundreds or thousands of dollars tomorrow.

Control Over Service

Most extended warranty companies require homeowners to use their authorized service technicians and submit claim forms. Not at Key Estates.

We want YOU to be in control and pick your own trusted repair provider. You won’t have to settle for an assigned repairman and hope that they will be experienced or even reliable enough to show up on time. Plus, there are no claims forms to fill out.

Advantages of Coverage

Affordable Protection: We don't nickel and dime your coverage options. We cover more major appliances as “standard” than most other companies.

Flexibility: Optional add-ons available and no blackout areas for coverage.

Transferable: The warranty increases the value of the home if you plan on selling.

The Key Estates Warranty is offered exclusively through Real Estate Professionals. 
If you are selling your home...or buying one... and have interest in adding an extra layer of protection, tell your Real Estate Professional to contact Key Estates today.

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