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As a part of your partnership with MHWC, we are here to help manage your risk, reduce your liability, provide peace of mind for your clients, and enhance your sales strategy in the marketplace. With that in mind, we invite you to check out the best marketing materials and information to help you stand out as a superior manufacturer. These tools are designed to ensure your buyers fully understand that they are in good hands.

So, whether you are looking for forms, marketing items, sample warranty books, or want to review some of MHWC's FAQs, we gotcha covered.

Free Marketing Materials and Downloads


Showcase the MHWC warranty in your model homes & sales offices by taking advantage of our FREE marketing materials. Consumer brochures, tabletop signs, window decals, & more are available at no cost to you. Click here to see what we have to offer, then let us know what you need. Supplies can be ordered in a variety of ways:

By E-Mail: info@mhwconline.com

By Phone: 800-247-1812, Ext 2459

By Mail: Marketing Essentials brochure #9542

marketing materials


Feel free to use our logo on your website or in your printed marketing pieces to let your buyers know that your homes are protected by a MHWC warranty.

MHWC also has ready to use graphics designed specifically for you to post on social media. Simply click here to download the art and share on your favorite social media channel.

To send confidential info to us, use our secure upload portal.

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Looking for a specific form? You’ll find what you need in our Forms Library.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is covered under my MHWC warranty?

A: Because MHWC and its affiliates offer a variety of programs, you need to refer to the warranty document issued for each home for the description of coverage.

Q: How do I renew my warranty membership?

A: You will be sent a renewal package 60 days prior to your expiration. Instructions on how to renew will be included. If you need a duplicate package, contact our Membership Dept. at 800-247-1812 or membership@mhwconline.com. If you already have your package but have questions, either contact your Account Executive or the Membership Dept. for assistance.


Q: I neglected to enroll a home. What can I do to get a warranty?

A: Simply call the Enrollments Dept. at 800-247-1812 and we can assist you.

Q: I misplaced my warranty documents for a home I enrolled. What do I do?

A: Call the Enrollments Dept. at 800-247-1812.

Q: I need to correct information on the Manufacturer’s Enrollment form. Can I make the needed changes myself?

A: Documents sent to you are legal documents and therefore cannot be changed by anyone other than MHWC. Call us and we will issue a new corrected form for you.


 I’ve enrolled several homes under a couple different MHWC programs. How do I know I have the right form with the   right warranty book for each one?

A: For Manufacturers: “Program 1” on the enrollment form is the Full Coverage Warranty # 929; “Program 2” is the Structural Only Coverage Warranty # 925.

Q: What happens if the home is sold?

A: The MHWC Warranty transfers automatically to subsequent owners throughout the stated warranty term. No fees or forms are required. However, the warranty may be voided in the case of a foreclosure.

Q: Is it possible to extend a warranty past the stated term?

A: No.

Q: I've enrolled several homes under a couple different MHWC programs. How do I know I have the right form with the right warranty book for each one?

A: Builders/Dealers: a number prints across the bottom of the Application for Warranty form which will include the form # and the revision date.


Q: We are out of sample warranty books. Is it possible to get more?

A: Sample warranty books are available FREE of charge to MHWC Members. Place your order either by phone at 800-247-1812, ext. 2459 or by email at info@mhwconline.com.

Q: I want to add the MHWC logo to my website and my own company's brochures. Can you send me the logo?

A: Absolutely! Either call us at 800-247-1812, ext. 2169 or send us a quick email at info@mhwconline.com. OR you can download it directly from our website right now.  

Q: Are there other kinds of marketing materials like brochures or lot signs? What do they cost?

A: Yes, MHWC offers a variety of brochures, table displays, lot signs, etc designed to enhance your sales strategy for today’s competitive marketplace. Membership in MHWC means all these items are available to you at no additional charge! To see a preview of what’s available click here. 

warranty resolution/CLAIMS

Q: The homeowners and my company have reached an impasse. How do they begin the claims/warranty resolution process?

A: Every MHWC warranty book contains a detailed description of the warranty resolution procedures which must be followed to formally begin the dispute process. MHWC must receive written documentation from the Homeowner in the format specified. This notice may be sent in writing to the administrator's address or by email to warranty.resolution@mhwconline.com. For convenience, resolution inquiries may be started online. 

Q: Does MHWC ever inspect the issues?

A: Yes, depending upon the issue and if the Insurer is the Warrantor, MHWC, as the Administrator, may perform an inspection of the disputed issues. MHWC also reserves the right to perform an inspection at any time following receipt of proper notice of the request for warranty performance.

Q: What is "warranty resolution"?

A: When there is an issue with the home, a lack of communication between the homeowner and the manufacturer/builder is often the root of a dispute. Frequently, MHWC is able to resolve disputes simply by taking on the role of mediator to assist the other parties in coming up with a fair and reasonable agreement, based on the warranty standards provided. An integral part of MHWC’s warranty resolution process is mediating disputes between Members and Homeowners, before going onto formal arbitration or costly litigation.

Mediation – an informal process involving the MHWC Member, the Homeowner and MHWC during the Member’s term of responsibility. No fees are assessed during this initial process.

Arbitration – a formal process conducted by a neutral, independent arbitrator to resolve disputes if resolution is not reached during mediation. MHWC chooses arbitrators with experience in arbitrating residential construction matters. The arbitrator’s decision is binding on all parties, unless prohibited by law. Arbitration fees are initially paid by the homeowner but the final decision on payment is made by the arbitrator.


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