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Why New Manufactured Home Warranties from MHWC?

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Why New Manufactured Home Warranties from MHWC?

Factory for Manufacturer pageWhen you provide an MHWC manufactured home warranty, how does that benefit you and your buyers? To a prospective homebuyer, it’s important both financially and emotionally to get value for the dollars spent. It means security and protection. Together with Residential Warranty Company, LLC, our national new home warranty affiliate, MHWC & RWC have warranted over 3 million homes spanning 35 years. The warranty group’s longevity, experience and knowledge passes on to our builder warranty members and ultimately to their customers.

MHWC provides an excellent value for the dollars spent on a warranty program. One of the least expensive, longest lasting products a builder can purchase for the homes they sell is the MHWC warranty. MHWC benefits & advantages include:

• A written warranty insured by a third-party company rated “A- (Excellent)” A. M. Best. Ratings are based on the company’s sound capitalization, positive cash flow, historically favorable operating performance, and conservative reserve levels.

• The power to put the warranty to work for you as a marketing feature when you promote and show your homes.

• MHWC warranties are automatically transferable to subsequent buyers for the duration of the warranty term. Should your homeowners decide to sell their home, the warranty is an excellent resale tool for them as well.

• Issues between homeowners and builders can happen. An effective resolution process is included with every MHWC warranty which includes FREE mediation. If necessary, binding arbitration is available in the event of a dispute that is harder to resolve.

• Over 95% of the warranty resolution disputes administered by MHWC & RWC are resolved without the need for arbitration!

• MHWC warranty books provide specific, written industry standards. If a warranted defect is discovered in a home you warranted through MHWC, your homeowners can have assurance it will be remedied.

• MHWC builder warranties are FHA, VA, & USDA approved.

• A builder or manufacturer utilizing MHWC benefits form limited exposure to you and your company.

• Warranty members benefit from access to 35 Years of industry experience.

• Excellent customer service from MHWC’s staff.

Protection, strength, longevity, third party insurance backing, experience, – all perfect descriptions of the MHWC warranty program. If you are asking yourself which warranty company to choose, the answer is found in the solid assurance and numerous advantages MHWC offers to builders, manufacturers and their homebuyers.

MHWC … Unmatched Home Warranty Protection… Unwavering Value!


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