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Waiting For The Millennials? They’re Here!

Source: Readers of news articles about the housing industry have been inundated for a while with stories about Millennials and their desire to live in the city. Headlines such as “Millennials Prefer Cities to Suburbs, Subways to Driveways” and “The New American Dream Is Living in a City, Not Owning a House in the […]

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Put Cash Back in Your Pocket with the Incentive Program

Who doesn’t love a perk that allows you to reap the rewards of something that you already do… provide quality construction and outstanding customer satisfaction. That’s right, cash in on YOUR excellent customer service by joining the Incentive Program! Joining the Incentive Program is the best way for our Members to maximize their dollars plus […]

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RWC’s Incentive Program Surpasses $20 Million!

Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) is pleased to announce that its exclusive Incentive Program has surpassed the $20 million mark in distributions back to members for quality construction and excellent claims management. The Incentive Program was established by RWC over 25 years ago as a way to reward builder, remodeler and manufacturer members for their […]

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RWC’s Incentive Program Membership Pays Off Big!

To continue its history of innovation and competitive pricing in home warranties, Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) established its exclusive Incentive Program. Created over 25 years ago, RWC’s unique Incentive Program offers its members big rewards for good claims experience, providing yet another reason to choose RWC as a home warranty provider! Since the creation of its Incentive [...]

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