When you compare new manufactured home warranties…MHWC is your clear choice!

  • MHWC has 30 years of experience providing manufactured home warranties to the HUD-Code industry.
  • MHWC is affiliated with Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), a builder’s warranty company with nearly 40 years of experience of its own on a national scope.
  • This dynamic warranty group has warranted over 3.7 million homes, amassing invaluable experience along the way.
  • A vast assortment of programs and services results in our exclusive “Menu of Choices”.
  • Since 2001, MHWC’s Insurer has maintained a rating of “A- (Excellent)” from A.M. Best.
  • Insurer’s financial stability is beyond reproach which has $112 million in surplus equity (as of December 31, 2019).
  • Rates are affordable and competitive.
  • MHWC’s exclusive Incentive program yields cash back to qualifying Members for good warranty claims experience.
  • FREE Marketing Materials available to Members.
  • Your reputation is enhanced with prospective buyers when you provide a written & insured manufactured home warranty from the industry leader, MHWC.
  • Manufactured home values may be improved with an MHWC Home Warranty at resale time.

REAP YOUR REWARDS on YOUR Excellent Customer Service And Join the MHWC Incentive Program!

Incentive Program

While MHWC consistently has provided highly competitive rates, we also look for innovative ways to maintain our leadership position in the manufactured housing industry and provide additional perks to our Members. Together with RWC, our national new home warranty affiliate, MHWC offers an exclusive Incentive Program as one such added benefit to Membership.

Qualifying Members can effectively reduce their overall warranty costs simply by maintaining a high level of quality construction and customer service. The result is that Members may receive “cash” back for their excellent claims track record.

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Free Marketing Materials

One of the many advantages of your membership in the MHWC Warranty Program is the marketing support available for your use. You can enhance your sales strategy for today’s competitive marketplace by taking full advantage of MHWC’s marketing essentials.

When you include an MHWC warranty with your homes, you’re using one of the most reliable warranty products on the market, especially when compared to those companies self-insuring. Make certain you make your customers aware of the extra lengths you are going to provide them with security. We are confident that the average homebuyer today will be impressed with the level of concern you demonstrate and appreciate the extra layer of protection on their new home.

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Customer Service Management

Issues with buyers can happen to any new home Manufacturer or Builder/Dealer. When a question or dispute arises, MHWC’s warranty provides an unbiased and impartial tool to reference in customer service discussions.

MHWC’s home warranty standards are clearly written based on accepted HUD-Code industry guidelines. These standards establish a reasonable third-party foundation to evaluate perceived problems. MHWC’s dispute resolution process includes FREE mediation to resolve issues. If needed, a formal binding arbitration process is also available.

Member’s liability is limited to the specific warranty term and coverage detailed in the warranty book.

Warranty Training Seminars

MHWC makes available informative ‘refresher’ courses on various warranty program topics. These training seminars are FREE and are in-depth discussions of any marketing, enrollment and warranty resolutions questions you or your staff may have. Include your sales people, service technicians, administrative personnel, etc.

Topics covered may include: Where to find coverage items, how to determine a structural defect, avoiding foundation perils, warranty resolution process, limiting your liability, overview of all products and services available to you as a member.

Schedule a seminar for your company by contacting us toll free at 800-247-1812, Ext. 2149 or email us at sales@mhwconline.com.


One of the most effective marketing tools you can use today.

Make sure MHWC is in YOUR toolbox!

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