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Fabulous Facts About Prefab Homes

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Fabulous Facts About Prefab Homes

While you may be aware that prefabricated homes have been around for quite some time, have you really given them the consideration they deserve? There are many factors that make this niche of the housing market an incredibly intelligent and environmentally sound option.

If you’re looking for a build that involves a quicker, less stressful timeframe, can potentially cost less, and have a positive impact on the environment then read up on the benefits of flat pack and modular living

Furthermore, did you know that MHWC/RWC offers warranties on Modular homes? One of the changes seen over the last several years is the awareness of and increased need for written warranties on homes of all types, including Building Systems. So, we delivered.

MHWC/RWC takes a two-pronged approach to warranties for Building Systems.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Manufacturers may join RWC and offer a 10 year written and insured structural warranty on the homes they deliver to you, the Builder.

  • 10 years of coverage on major structural defects.
  • Option to provide 1 year of coverage on workmanship and materials.
  • Manufacturer is responsible for defects in Year 1.
  • RWC’s insurer is responsible for defects in Years 2 through 10.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty deals specifically with the work done in the factory.
  • Defects in work provided on-site by Builder is excluded.

Builder’s Warranty: As the Builder on-site, you may also provide a 10 year written and insured warranty on the work you do to the home, including foundations.

  • Warranty protection on the work provided by the Builder.
  • Warranty interpretation, mediation and arbitration to expedite the resolution of homeowner complaints.
  • Two coverage options available: Full Coverage and Structural Only Coverage.
  • Authorized Builders for RWC Manufacturer Members qualify for reduced enrollment rates.

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