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The Choice in Structural Warranty Coverage is Yours!

MHWC is a leading provider of 10 year written, insured warranties to builders and manufacturers nationwide.

MHWC, together with its national affiliate Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), have issued over 3.7 million warranties and are considered experts in the field of risk management. With decades of experiences in this business, we have developed a wide range of products and services to meet various industry needs.

We know that maintaining a level of success in this industry can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we have put together a wide array of warranty programs and services to assist you in maintaining or improving your customer service, define and limit your liability, and provide the warranty and insurance products your company needs.

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What's the Difference Between Full Coverage and Structural Only Coverage?

HUD-Code New Manufactured Home Builder/Dealers may choose between “full” and “structural only” coverage. In either option, your liability as the Member is limited.

Full Coverage

“Full Coverage” means that we couple Structural Coverage together with industry-accepted standards for 1st year items (workmanship, materials, & selected portions of mechanical systems).

  • By far, “full” coverage warranties are our most widely used programs.
  • Clearly written set of warranty standards to spell out coverage are provided for you and your homebuyers.
  • Includes 1 year of coverage on workmanship & materials.
  • Includes coverage on major structural components for the entire warranty term.
  • You’ll have access to MHWC’s effective dispute resolution system, even on 1st year customer service issues, which can be a valuable tool in managing your service needs. This dispute resolution system includes free mediation. Binding arbitration is available if needed.
Structural Only Coverage

“Structural Only Coverage” means structural coverage is provided for major structural components for the entire warranty term.

  • You continue to use your own customer service program to address workmanship, materials & mechanical systems issues in the first year.
  • You’ll pay less to enroll a home in a structural only plan.
  • You’ll have access to MHWC’s effective dispute resolution system for structural issues, which includes free mediation. Binding arbitration is also available if needed.
  • Non-structural customer service issues must be resolved by your own customer service program.

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