The Incentive program offered by MHWC and its affiliate, Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), has distributed over $24 Million in distributions back to Members for quality construction and excellent claims management. The Incentive program was established by the companies over 30 years ago as a way to reward Members for good claims experience, to increase loyalty to the MHWC/RWC family and to provide yet another reason to choose MHWC/RWC over the rest of the competition.

The “Perks”

  • Members in the Incentive Program receive the best rate possible.
  • Enrollment rates are locked-in for 5 years.
  • MHWC waives the membership fees for years 2-5 – which saves the Member $1180!
  • Once the distribution period begins in years 6-10, you may receive cash distributions, assuming the claims experience for your company has been minimal.
  • Your overall effective rate is greatly reduced by the value of these cash disbursements.


  • To be eligible, a Member must enroll at least 20 homes or $2 million in sales volume annually.

How Does It Work?

  • It’s pretty simple, really. If your company, as a Participating Member, has few or no claims in the first 5 years, then MHWC is able to return some of the enrollment fees you paid back to you as cash distributions in the second 5 years.
  • We start by setting up a separate account and both the Member and MHWC contribute a program participation fee in the first year ONLY.
  • Each time you as the Member enroll a home and pay your warranty fee, MHWC deposits 30% of that fee into this Incentive account.
  • Beginning in year 6 and continuing through year 10, an Incentive check will be sent to you once a year. The amount is calculated by the number of homes enrolled minus the value of claims, if any.

FREE Computerized Analysis

  • Want to see how this program would work for you and your company based on your size? We will gladly create a free computerized analysis to demonstrate how the numbers add up based on your specific information. Contact us today to request yours.

Toll Free: 800-247-1812, Ext. 2188


Joining the Incentive Program is the best way for our Members to maximize their dollars and reap the rewards of quality construction and customer satisfaction. If you think your company will meet the eligibility requirements, call us to take the next step in building your own Incentive reward!

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