What is Involved in Resolving a Claim or Issue with the Home?

Lack of communication is often the root of a dispute. Frequently, MHWC is able to resolve disputes simply by taking on the role of mediator to assist the other parties in coming up with a fair and reasonable agreement, based on the warranty standards provided. An integral part of MHWC’s warranty resolution process is mediating disputes between Members and Homeowners, before going onto formal arbitration or costly litigation.

Mediation – an informal process involving the MHWC Member, the Homeowner and MHWC during the Member’s term of responsibility. No fees are assessed during this initial process.

Arbitration – a formal process conducted by a neutral, independent arbitrator to resolve disputes if resolution is not reached during mediation. MHWC chooses arbitrators with experience in arbitrating residential construction matters. The arbitrator’s decision is binding on all parties, unless prohibited by law. Arbitration fees are initially paid by the homeowner but the final decision on payment is made by the arbitrator.

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