What is Involved in Resolving a Claim or Issue with the Home?

Mediation. Often, the root of a dispute is a lack of communication between the Builder/Dealer or the Manufacturer and the Homeowner. Mediation is the step MHWC takes to try to improve communication, get everyone talking and try to work out a resolution based on the warranty standards provided. It’s an informal step prior to arbitration that involves all relevant parties to the warranty and is provided at no charge by MHWC.

Arbitration. If MHWC is unable to get the issue resolved between the parties, then the next step is arbitration, a formal process conducted by an independent, neutral arbitrator to resolve disputes. Arbitrators used by MHWC are experienced in arbitrating residential construction matters. The arbitrator’s decision under our programs is binding on all parties, including you as well as your Builder/Dealer and/or Manufacturer as applicable, unless otherwise prohibited by law. The fee for arbitration is paid according to the terms outlined in your warranty book.

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