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Lean In

If there is one thing that seasoned professionals in our industry can agree upon, it is that we are resilient when it comes to surviving hard times. Be it builder, mortgage lender, or real estate broker, if you have been in any aspect of this career field for a while, you may have a bit [...]

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Building Systems Council Announce 2020 Chair

Tifanee McCall is a longtime member of the Building Systems Councils (BSC) and a major advocate of the systems-built housing industry. She has been a member of NAHB for nearly 30 years and BSC member for over a decade. It is no surprise that due to her dedication to NAHB and the industry, she was [...]

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Sales Team Achievement Awards

While in Las Vegas for the International Builders Show earlier this year, the RWC/ HOME / MHWC 2019 Sales Achievement Awards were announced. While the majority of these awards are all based on “countable” results, our Top Award, Outstanding Account Executive of the Year, encompasses much more and includes all the little “intangibles” or hard [...]

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Duty and Resilience

A year ago, few of us who are not health professionals had thought much about pandemics, and none of us had heard of or even contemplated anything called Covid-19. Now people in every corner of the world have been adversely affected by this invisible enemy, as the Covid-19 pandemic has destroyed lives, wrecked economies, and [...]

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