2018 Membership Drive Brings In Over 200 New Members

Every year RWC, HOME and MHWC roll up their collective sleeves and launch a membership drive to bring in as many new members as we reasonably can. To keep things interesting, we also run a little contest among the Account Executives and this year was no different.

We keep track of new sales, but we also track things like projected homes, returning members, volume builders, GL insurance leads and even little “challenges” that we throw at them from week to week. The challenge may be as simple as counting the number of cold calls completed in a week or as complicated as signing up a new member in our extended warranty programs (think appliances and mechanical systems). Weekly winners grab some cash and “points” toward the grand prize at the end. All in all, it’s a lot of work but we meet some great new builder members and have a little fun along the way.

The results are in and this year might just have been our closest race ever. Winning by a razor thin margin of 3 little points, our 2018 Champion – with a full year of bragging rights – is Rich McPhee, our Account Executive for Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Rich also handles a variety of larger accounts in several states for us as needed.

Coming in second, in literally a photo finish that was under review for hours, is Staci Cool, our Account Executive for Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. Staci started with us in 2017 and is really in her first full year beyond her rookie season so to see her challenge a veteran for the top spot is good news for us indeed.

Congratulations to both Rich and Staci for a healthy and often humorous competition and congratulations to the entire team as well.

As the final counts were tallied, 206 new members joined the ranks of RWC, HOME & MHWC. Each of these new members met the same set of stringent criteria that has been our hallmark for over 37 years. Know that your warranty company continues to grow and remains the strongest warranty company in the country and we are here to help you with all your warranty needs now and for many years to come!

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