MHWC Launches New HUD-Code Manufactured Home Warranty with Full Menu of Helpful Features

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: MHWC Launches New HUD-Code Manufactured Home Warranty with Full Menu of Helpful Features

MHWC is the third branch of the national new home warranty powerhouse that also includes Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) and HOME of Texas (HOME). Over the past year, these home warranty companies have actively upgraded their respective brands, complete with new logos, full color warranty documents and completely redesigned websites.

RWC, the national leader for new home builder warranties, launched their new website in February, 2014; HOME, the Texas specialist in new home builder warranties, launched in October, 2014; and MHWC, the premier warranty company for the HUD-Code Manufactured Home Industry, has just launched their own new site.

Due to advancements in technology and to an increased demand for affordable homes, the manufactured HUD-Code housing industry has experienced continued growth. From first time buyers to young families to active retirees, HUD-Code Manufacturers fill a valuable need providing quality, affordable homes for various populations. MHWC provides 10 year insured warranty programs written specifically for the HUD-Code industry, which gives buyers peace of mind that the purchase they made was sound.

MHWC’s new website offers a sleek and modern look with easy-to-navigate features for prospective builder warranty members, current members and their homeowners. The site works seamlessly across virtually every viewing device.

MHWC website features:

  • MHWC offers many home warranty options and services, some of which are rather unique. Check them out on either the “Manufacturers” or “Builder/Dealers” page in the “Warranty Products” section.
  • Not an MHWC member yet? Check out the application materials found on either the “Manufacturers” or “Builder/Dealers” page under “Membership.”
  • Warranty Quotes: Request quotes for the various home warranty programs offered for new HUD-Code manufactured homes.
  • Forms Library: Gain easy access to forms you might need to apply for a new builder manufactured home warranty membership or to renew your current membership.
  • Need to get in touch with us? All contact information is clearly listed for user convenience on the “Contact” page.

New to MHWC? Now’s the time to take a look at MHWC’s leading HUD-Code manufactured home warranty protection plans for Manufacturers as well as Builder/Dealers!

MHWC member benefits:

  • MHWC and its National Affiliate, Residential Warranty Company, LLC, have 30+ years of experience handling new home warranties on over 3 million homes.
  • MHWC delivers a clearly written set of standards to spell out home warranty coverage.
  • MHWC members receive a dynamic, full-color warranty book to provide to their buyers (an excellent marketing tool)!
  • MHWC member liability is limited.
  • MHWC home warranties are affordable.
  • FREE marketing materials.
  • Warranties are insured by a company which has over $100 million in surplus equity and is rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best.
  • Unsurpassed service and excellent handling of warranty issues.
  • If warranty issues arise, MHWC provides FREE mediation to resolve customer service issues.

Potential home buyers know that many building companies struggled (some even went out of business) during the last economic crisis. To offer buyers reassurance, an insured third-party warranty goes a long way. With a HUD-Code manufactured home warranty from MHWC in place, buyers have assurance their warranty will remain in place, no matter what the future holds.

Already an MHWC member? Request new sample warranty books, marketing materials for model homes and sales offices and/or the new logo via the Marketing Department at 800-247-1812 or email MHWC at

Impressed? Link your site to the newly revitalized MHWC site and put MHWC’s strength, reputation and experience to work for you!


Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) has been in business for over 30 years and is a leading provider of insured home warranties to the building industry. Builders seeking options in coverage, reliable warranty protection and assistance in dealing with customer service choose RWC. Warranties issued by RWC are insured by a provider which has been rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best for over 12 consecutive years. RWC’s national affiliate, MHWC, provides a variety of HUD-Code Manufactured Housing warranties for manufacturers and builders/dealers specializing in that industry. HOME of Texas (HOME) is RWC’s affiliate in the Lone Star State and also has 30+ years of experience administering Texas warranties. HOME warranties are insured by a Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Together this dynamic warranty group has warranted over 3 million homes and leads the way in warranty and risk management solutions for the entire building industry.

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