MHWC Gets a Makeover!


announcement article inside page MHWC collage shadowAfter our National Affiliate, Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) finished polishing their new “look”, we decided our “wardrobe” could use a fresh look as well. We are excited about our new corporate look and we think our marketing materials will look even better in your showrooms, sales offices and manufactured home models! From our corporate logo, to our full-color home warranty books, to our website, the designs have been done with our HUD-Code Members in mind. MHWC has always been an excellent tool to manage your risk. And now, more than ever before, the marketing edge it provides is hard to beat!

  1. The Logo.

You’ll start to see our classy new logo showing up on all our marketing materials and warranty documents in the coming weeks. Feel free to add it to your own website, brochures, ads, etc. Give us a call at 800-247-1812 or email and let us know where to send it and what format you need.

  1. The Warranty Books.

The Warranty Book Makeover Madness started with our RWC sister company and spread like wild fire. Members loved the full color look and agreed with us that it greatly improved the ‘curb appeal’ with their customers. So it was only natural that we give MHWC the full color treatment as well. Each MHWC manufactured home warranty has been transformed into beautiful full-color, eye-catching pieces that we hope you will be proud to offer to your homeowners.

And if you aren’t sure what our manufactured home warranty products are, by all means check out our Warranty Products page to see the full array. MHWC is more than just a ‘pretty face’ now and there are many reasons for you to incorporate one or more of these plans into your own risk management and marketing portfolio.

  • MHWC offers both “full coverage” and “structural only” new home warranty programs.
  • Specific plans are tailored for HUD-Code Manufacturers while others are written for HUD-Code Builder/Dealers.
  • Builder/Dealer new home warranty plans are FHA/VA/USDA approved.
  • Warranty fees are affordable.
  • The MHWC Member’s liability is limited to Year One items only.
  • MHWC’s insurer provides structural liability coverage for all remaining years.
  • Standards for 1st year workmanship & materials standards are included.
  • No mechanical obligations for the Member in year two.
  • Easy to read builder warranty guidelines are provided in a dynamic full color format for an excellent marketing & customer service tool.
  • FREE marketing materials including FREE sample manufactured home warranty books.
  • If customer service issues arise, MHWC provides FREE mediation to help get them resolved.
  • MHWC’s warranties are insured by a company that has been rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best for over 12 consecutive years.
  • Involved in more than HUD-Code manufactured homes? No worries – we probably have a warranty for that! Building Systems, Site Built, Remodeling, Detached Garages, Commercial, Resale Homes, you build it and either MHWC or RWC will put a builder warranty on it.

Every potential home buyer out there is aware that many new home builders went out of business during the past housing crisis and they need reassurance from you if you are going to get them to sign on the bottom line. Having an insured third-party home warranty in place that is independent from you goes a long way towards calming buyers’ fears. With a 10 year new manufactured home warranty from MHWC in place, they can be assured that their home warranty will be there, no matter what the future holds.

  1. Our Corporate Website.

And last, but certainly NOT least, MHWC is very proud to unveil its brand new website! The new site is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and ripe with information you need to be successful.

Features to Check Out:

Warranty Products: Between the manufactured home warranty programs offered by MHWC and those also available to you through RWC, we should be able to provide a written and insured builder warranty for any kind of home or building you can imagine. Get the full list on our Warranty Products page.

Ready to join? Applying is a snap and the forms you may need are at your fingertips under the Membership link on the Manufacturers and Builder/Dealers pages.

We are here to help. When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen. Our Staff will expertly assist you with your warranty questions and needs. Go to our Contact page for telephone, address and email information.

MHWC… Unmatched Home Warranty Protection… Unwavering Value!

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