The Incentive program offered by MHWC and its affiliate, Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), has distributed over $22.7 Million in distributions back to Members for quality construction and excellent claims management. The Incentive program was established by the companies over 25 years ago as a way to reward Members for good claims experience, to increase loyalty to the MHWC/RWC family and to provide yet another reason to choose MHWC/RWC over the rest of the competition.

To qualify for the Incentive Program, a Member must enroll at least 20 homes per year or have an annual enrolled sales volume of $2 million. A free computerized analysis illustrating how the Incentive Program works is available upon request. Not currently available in Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii or Texas.

Other benefits of the Incentive program include:

  • The annual re-registration fee of $295 is waived for Incentive Members, which saves an addition $1180 in years 2-5 of membership.
  • The value of the Incentive distributions greatly reduces the effective cost of the warranty fee.
  • The Member enjoys a locked-in enrollment rate under the standard program throughout the duration of their Incentive membership.

Joining the Incentive Program is the best way for our Members to maximize their dollars and reap the rewards of quality construction and customer satisfaction. If you think your company will meet the eligibility requirements, call us to take the next step in building your own Incentive reward!

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